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How to Apply

Time has come today
Opportunities for great achievements

The CIBA Foundation will provide grants
based on funding. Applications may be
submitted at any time during the year. Grants
will be issued the following year by April
1st. To be considered, an organization must:
  • •   Provide a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3)
    determination letter.
  • •   Describe the charitable organizations
    purpose and programs.
  • •   Prepare a detailed description of the
    proposed use of funds, amount of grant
    requested and number of recipients to
    be benefited.
  • •   Include Charity information, including a
    list of the current Board of Directors
    and their affiliations, annual report/
    financial statement and current year
    operating budget.

Focused on a
Brighter Future

Please send all proposals to

655 N. Central Ave. Suite 2100
Glendale, California, 91203
Phone: 818-638-8525
Fax: 818-638-8551